The perfect Summer Day at the Beach

Hanging at the beach is the perfect Summer-time activity!  The warm ocean breeze, the feeling of the sand in your toes and a cool drink in your hand!  The truth is the beach provides almost everything you need, but to make it the perfect day we have a list of must bring items to make it the chill day you need so you can relax in style.


The first thing on the list is a big Beach Bag because it has to fit all the other must have items on the list.  The PortoVino Beach Tote bag is not only a big tote bag but its insulated pocket will hold a beverage pouch so you can store and pour your beverages right from your beach bag. So you have your bag and your drinks all in one.  The PortoVino’s pouring spout is a 1-way valve so that means no sand in your drinks — simply fill your pouch with your favorite drink and when you get thirsty pour away.  Make sure you fill the pouch with some ice cubes and put in the PortoVino ice pack to keep your drinks cold all day. Below are all the other things you’ll need and they can all go in the Beach Tote. Check them out here.


Sunscreen - Gone of the days of baby oil, lemon juice, and a day in the sun working on that savage tan.  Thank goodness, we all know way better now. Opt for waterproof sunscreen and reapply as needed. Try Sunbum it is vegan, hypoallergenic, and gluten, cruelty and paraben-free and reef friendly.

Beach Towel - Make sure it is a nice good-sized one so you can lounge without all the sand

Drinks - Ahhhh, the best part of your Portovino Canvas Beach Tote Bag of course! We told you all about it up above.  Drinks at the beach will never be the same again.  Bring an extra beverage pouch if you need to bring some alcoholic beverages and some water or other drinks.  The best part is that these pouches take no room, they are compact and when you are done, you simply fold them up, bring them home wash them out and you get to reuse them.  Good for the environment and your wallet! Check them out here. Don’t forget the cups.

Sand Lounger - One beach essential for us is the Sand Lounger. Ditch lugging around those awkward beach chairs and opt for this game-changing beach day piece. The best part about it, so tiny and fits perfectly in your Portovino. This eco-friendly product creates a reclining spot in the sand so you can rest, relax, and just soak up the sun. Haven’t heard of this before? Simply head over here and grab yours and up your beach game.

Reading materials - After catching some waves or taking a dip in the ocean, lose yourself for a bit with a great read.  Most of us just grab our phones these days but if you want to go old school, don’t forget your book.  Nothing is more relaxing and says summer more than enjoying a great read on the beach.

Beach toys - Heading to the beach with the family and need some fun ways to keep the kids engaged on the beach? Pack a few small beach toys such as inflatables, small buckets and shovel, and a frisbee or beach ball. Luckily, your Portovino has space for all this and more :) 

Snacks - And of course, how could we leave home without some snacks to keep our energy up and the kids happy. You can store your snacks right in the beverage compartment to keep them safe and fresh. Opt for some granola bars, fruits and other light foods that will satisfy those hunger cravings.

Whatever you do, enjoy all the joys of summer and the relaxation that a good beach day affords us.

We have so many choices and styles for your perfect beach tote including some new summer colors. So go ahead pack up your Portovino and enjoy your fun in the sun.


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