The Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

Wine and a slice of delicious cheesy pizza, YES please! We are firm believers that wine goes with everything ( it does right, lol) and when it comes to pizza night - you have so many choices. Whether you are dining at a local pizzeria or enjoying that mid week( don’t feel like cooking night) delivery - wine is always a great idea. Let’s take a peek at some great  wine and pizza pairings that will match your meal and delight your taste buds.

Cheese pizza + Shiraz- The classic pizza, you know lots of mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and a thinner crust, pairs very well with a medium body wine like a Shiraz( or an Italian Chianti). 

These wines work well with a cheese pizza as they complement the rich flavors of the tomato sauce (and combats the acidity as well)

Pepperoni Pizza + Cabernet Franc- No question about it, pepperoni has a strong flavor and that delicious taste can be savored with every bite. So, you need a strong wine with intense flavors that will help to balance out that pepperoni effect. We think a glass of Cab Franc is a delightful choice. But be warned, you may not be able to eat pepperoni pizza without this wine again.

Marharita pizza + Pinot Grigio- Craving something a little lighter but packed full of flavor? The rich basil and fresh mozzarella pizza pairs very well with a lighter wine like Pinot Grigio or even a glass of some bubbly champagne. Try it next time you grab a slice of margherita pizza.

Hawaiian Pizza + Riesling- Sweet and salty and oh so yummy! Ham and Pineapple covered in warm gooey cheese deserves a wine with it’s own combination  of sweet and acidic tastes. Riesling has its own aromas of tropical fruits which makes this a match made in heaven. Cheers!

Veggie Pizza + Sauvignon Blanc- You really can’t go wrong with a cool, crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a veggie pizza. You know a pizza topped with peppers, olives, onions and mushrooms-YUM. A dry rosé wine would also work well as it will compliment all the deliciousness of  those veggies. Afterall, veggies means healthy, right? :)

Sorry, we know that we made you hungry for some pizza but at least now you have  an excuse to run out and grab a slice and a bottle of wine because you need to try it together. We hope you enjoy and remember you can simply fill up your Portovino with your favorite wine as you  never know when that pizza craving will kick in.


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