The Ultimate End of Summer Checklist

The end of summer is drawing near so you gotta make the most out of the remaining happy days! Live it up before this laid-back season ends. Here’s the ultimate end of summer checklist to keep you going before the season is over. Now, it’s time to get out of bed and enjoy the bright, summer sun before it's too late! 

Go Beach Hopping

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Of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without some beach escapades! Sink your toes in the sand and catch some rays with friends any chance you get. Whether you take a dip in the pool or laze on the sands, it’s never too late to embrace the nature around you. Get that last-minute summer tan you’ve been dying for!

Visit an Amusement Park

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Live for thrill before the summer ends! Summer is the perfect season to pump up your adrenaline, crank up your loudest screams and bravest heart! And after the exhilarating twists and turns of the rollercoasters slow it down and win some stuffed animals.

Watch a Baseball Game

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Stay sporty and watch a baseball game. Tag along your loved ones and cheer your hearts out for your team. You might even get lucky and catch a ball! And tailgating before the game is the best party - if I do say so myself. Load your coolers with grilled options and beers or wines. Keep your favorite drinks intact inside your handy PortoVino ― from totes to backpacks you can bring the party with you from tailgate to ballgame! 

Take a Road Trip

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Ever wanted to go on a road trip with no destination? Make it happen before the weather changes! Taking the unknown route makes life more interesting, right? Well, we think so! Spontaneous road trips are certainly amusing, especially if you embrace the open road and find cool landmarks to stop. 

Try an Outdoor Movie Date

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An outdoor movie date is a perfect end of summer option, not to mention, it’s downright romantic! Grab your partner or your family and friends and watch your favorite movie together. Don’t forget to prepare some cinema staples like popcorn and drinks or a tray of your go-to snacks. We think the PortoVino City Tote would be the perfect bag to bring to an outdoor movie, what do you think? I mean, it doesn't get better than being able to fit 2 bottles of wine in a trendy bag with a secret spout for pouring! Plus, everyone will be jealous of you! 

Trek and Camp

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What about sleeping in nature even just for a night? Camping should be part of your summer bucket list. Pack some essentials including a tent, sleeping mat, pillows, bug spray and of course your PortoVino Day Pack! Make sure to also bring jackets because summer nights tend to be cold in certain places. Now, you can relax under the sky full of stars! 

Start Gardening

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If you think it’s too late to do something productive outdoors, you're wrong! Start gardening! Bask under the summer sun and make your own garden. There are plenty of veggies and flowers that are suitable before the fall begins such as collard greens, lettuce, radish, spinach, as well as chrysanthemum, daisies, cosmos, and pansies. Aside from breaking a sweat, gardening takes the stress away and can be therapeutic. 

Eat Healthy

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Whilst fried foods and delectable sweets are great summer options, eating healthy food should be your priority going into the new season. And if you have checked off the above (gardening) off your list, then making your own, tasty and nutritious menu is no longer a problem.  Put your creative skills and resourcefulness into action― from gardening to cooking!


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