Three easy ways open a bottle of wine (without a corkscrew)

Nothing like pouring yourself a nice glass of wine after a long day of work. I know it is something many of us look forward to, but have you ever gone into my kitchen, picked out your favorite bottle, go to grab the trusty corkscrew and it is nowhere to be found… Ugggh! Talk about killing the moment! Don’t fret, we have you covered (and yes, we have been there before). We have 3 simple and relatively safe ways to pop open that bottle and get back to enjoying the evening! 

We have to add that these methods are not 100% foolproof and truth be told, if done incorrectly,  they are prone to potentially damaging your bottle of wine (how tragic we know). So, if you have a rare or expensive wine that would simply break your heart if it got broken using this process, you may just want to make a quick run to the store and grab another corkscrew. But in one of those situations where you just want that glass of wine and you want it now, these methods can help lift you from pure frustration into a pleasant-vino filled evening.

Grab those tools- Okay ladies, just grab a long screw (the longer the better), a hammer and a screwdriver and you got this. Take the screw and screw it into the cork with the trusty screwdriver until there is only about an inch or so of the screw showing from the cork. Muster up your resilience here (and a smidge of strength) and take the backside of the hammer, lock it under the screw and pull, pull pull. Viola, you just opened the delicious bottle of wine! Mission complete. Cheers!

Wooden Spoon- While this is a super safe method, it has its downsides as well. For this option all you need is a large wooden spoon (or really any large blunt object) and you just push the cork all the way down inside the wine. Simple, right? However there is the chance that the cork may crumble shed into the wine. Bummer when that happens. Don’t let that ruin your night though, just pour the wine through a strainer and store in decanter.

Pump it out- Finally a good use for that bike pump collecting dust in your garage. A super simple and safe method to getting that wine open. Just take the needle attached to the pump and plunge it through the cork. Make sure the needle goes all the way through until it reaches the air between the cork and the wine. Then pump air into the bottle, as you pump the air the cork should slowly move. Then it is time to enjoy!

There you have it. A few simple methods on getting that cork out when the corkscrew has gone awol. Or you could simply make sure your Portovino is always filled and ready to go. Now that the bottle is open, go ahead  and enjoy. Cheers


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