Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2018

Life is never meant to be dull and monotonous. It is destined to be explored and appreciated. And there’s nothing more exciting than filling that travel bucket list of yours and start checking them off in 2018. From stunning beachscapes to pastel-hued vistas, here are 10 travel destinations that we recommend you go this summer!

Banff, Canada

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Witness the dreamy northern lights at Banff National Park. Banff is a renowned resort town in Alberta known for its awe-inspiring natural landscape. Go mountain hiking, kayaking, and whitewater rafting along the scenic vista of green and blue.


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Named as Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2018, Malta is a small archipelago nestled between Tunisia and Italy. Because of its location, the place is a perfect cruise destination. The famous ‘Azure Window’ may no longer be visible, but the island still spells beauty in all angles. The spectacular beachfront city complements the prehistoric fortifications and colorful cruise ships.


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If you love monkeys, apes, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees or anything from the said classification, then Rwanda is your must-visit destination this 2018. This small and booming African country rewards travelers with its calming yet exciting vibes from volcanic vistas and lush scenery.


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An inland beauty between four countries, Zimbabwe effortlessly stands out— thanks to its famed waterfalls, incredible rock formations, and of course, the spectacular natural reserves. So for those with an eye for safari tours as well as laid-back vibes, this place is a manna from heaven.


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For beach lovers and underwater enthusiasts alike, Mauritius in Eastern Africa gives you more than what you ask for. Turquoise seas, vibrant marine life and vivid wildlife, the island is a top destination for travelers wanting to experience heaven on earth.


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Portugal is another top-notch destination featuring a dynamic beauty of nature, culture, and art. This southern European oceanside is speckled with unique attractions such as the Douro Valley, Belém Tower, Pena Palace, São Jorge Castle and Praça do Comércio.

Turquoise Coast

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Turquoise Coast is stealing the spotlight because of its tropical climate and extensive white coastline. This undeveloped island in the Mediterranean is a haven among tourists on the hunt for unsophisticated yet soothing ambiance. Wander around the vibrant landscape fringed with mountainous formations and powdery white stretches.


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Widely acclaimed for its Easter Island and the Atacama Desert, Chile is a narrow stretch infused with historical charm and stirring landscapes. The Torres del Paine National Park is a popular attraction famed for its searing icebergs and golden pampas.


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Perth has definitely stepped out from the shadows of major tourists destinations like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. An allure on the western part of Australia, Perth is a mélange of medieval wonders, sandy beaches, and cultural charm. Stroll around the Kings Park and visit some adorable creatures at the Perth Zoo.


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This Asian nation continues to be a charm among tourists because of its multifaceted attractions ranging from sacred sites, scenic national parks, skyscrapers, and the famed cherry blossoms.

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