Top 5 Activities to Use Your PortoVino

Whether you’re planning a girls night out, movie date, shopping spree or a pool party; our selection of PortoVino totes, purses and messengers bags, will surely make your activity more exciting. To fuel your imagination, we put together some of the best ways (at least in our opinion) to use your PortoVino! 

Pool Parties

wine purse

The PortoVino is perfect for any pool party or beach escapades! There’s nothing more convenient and captivating than pouring your fave beverage from your bag and seeing people’s amazing reactions. Trust us when we say, the reactions are priceless! And did you know that each purse features a pouch that holds two full bottles of any beverage of your choice? Yes, and that means non-stop fun and all-day partying by the beach or at the pool! 

Movie Nights

wine purse

Movie date at home or at the cinema? Either of the two perfectly complement the PortoVino! Enjoy your favorite drink and dessert while watching your favorite movie. The sophisticated and insulated bag design makes it an easy-to-bring purse during your movie dates. Best of all, no one will know your getting your buzz on! 


wine purse

No need to spend all your riches for another drink out because the PortoVino can save you hundreds by storing approximately 1.5 liters of wine or any beverage of your choice, including tea, juice, beer, mixed drinks and water. Plus, the PortoVino's are beautifully designed, super trendy and so easy to use!


wine purse

Concerts are downright fun and engaging, especially during those hot months. You meet new friends while enjoying some good tunes, what's better than that? And to attract more companions, don’t forget to bring your fave PortoVino and take a sweet sip of your chosen drink. If you’re afraid someone might notice you bringing an outside drink, don’t worry because it comes with a hidden pouch and spout that is well insulated to keep your beverage chilled for hours.

Shopping Dates

wine purse

Since all our PortoVino's are glamorously tailored, you can bring them during your shopping dates with your girlfriends, and expect for a stylish and convenient shopping spree with a hint of tipsiness! But really, these bags are very fashionable and are always accessible anytime you’re ready for your next sip.

Check out our entire collection of PortoVino's wines purses, totes, messenger bags and backpacks to get your wine fix at any time of the day, everywhere! 



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