We love the holidays for many reasons, but there is one reason in particular.  Come on ladies, you'll get this - the holidays gives us a celebratory excuse to drink wine and champagne all day! Wine ‘enhances’ the food (and more importantly, your mood). Of course we could happily drink the same type of wine all day, #ChampagneAllDay, but why not use these fabulous days as an excuse to crack out a myriad of wine? Here are a few of our favorites that will help you survive from brunch to dessert.


Costco, what a thing of beauty. So. Much. Wine. For such impressive prices. I have spent years scouring wine shelves to find a palatable, high-volume option of sparkling wine for mimosas and I was shocked at the quality of the Prosecco Asolo by Kirkland Wines. Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine originating in a small village near Trieste, Italy, is often on the sweeter end of the sparkling spectrum, however, this big-box brand is surprisingly balanced and pairs well with the citrus of the orange juice. And hello, check out the price!



Admittedly, I prefer my sparkling wine a little saltier than sweet, just like myself. Not to say I don’t appreciate the Kirkland Prosecco, just that this offers me something a little more familiar. Segura Viudas is a brilliant Spanish wine producer that ranges significantly in price but doesn’t skimp on the quality no matter what you pay per bottle. You can’t beat their Segura Viudas Reserva Brut NV that retails at $8.99 a bottle and does double duty in mimosas and alongside super savory appetizers like Warm Camembert with Mushroom Fricassee.




Yes, I realize summer has long since past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the nectar of warm weather. And when it comes to rosé, I do not discriminate, sparkling or still I love them both equally. Sparkling rosé, like the Mumm Napa Brut Rosé NV, pairs perfectly with unctuous prosciutto or smoked salmon (dare we say, brunch?) and still rosé is pretty much best for...passing time. Either way, we love them both like family (or more than family).



Mulled Wine

Have you ever walked into a house with simmering wine on the stove? Chock full of all things holiday, cinnamon sticks, orange slices,’s enough to make even Kristen Stewart smile. In addition to its intoxicating fragrance (literally), mulled wine is delicious, a great way to start a festive, chilly afternoon and you can drink it pretty much anytime from an inconspicuous coffee mug or your PortoVino if you're out for a cold winter's night stroll with friends.

PS: Mulled Wine can also be served at room temperature or colder.




In regards to approachable, lighter-bodied, French reds, Minervois is a sleeper wine. Often a bit hard to find, however, when available this fruit-forward wine is perfectly balanced with a voluminous texture. It holds up well to bold flavors like blue cheese but is nuanced enough to complement a nice, juicy crown roast. And just in case that roast isn’t so juicy, what better way to help wash it all down.


How snooty and overpriced of us to even recommend! But oh how the wine world has changed. Bordeaux, both red and white, is the less-fruity, more savory option when it comes the big bad world of Cabernet. And with such diversity in the wine world in regards to wine type, vintage and price point, you can really impress your guests with a bottle far less expensive than they’ll think.




When it’s all said and done: Amaro dell-Etna

Ok, so this isn’t technically wine. But it’s a damn good way to finish a day of big eating and drinking. Amaro, a grape brandy infused with sometimes more than 20 herbs and spices, was once used as an herbal health tonic in Italy in the 1800s. Often as bitter as it is sweet, or even only bitter and not at all sweet, Amaro is a memorable digestif for any food or wine enthusiast. Amaro dell-Etna is by far our favorite. With notes of pine and a balance of sugar and citrus. Sip it neat and just think of how ‘healthy’ you’ll feel the next morning.

Grape Brandy Infusion:

Enjoy the wine tips as you prepare for a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!



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