What’s Up with Orange Wines?

Forget about the fiery reds or the classic whites, and let’s talk about some tangerine hues. In case you do not know, there’s something very interesting about orange wines. Yes, you heard it rightㅡ not red, white or rose, but orange!

Wait, what is orange wine?

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First and foremost, orange wine has nothing to do with citrus. Actually, these are white grapes that undergo the same traditional procedure with that of a red wine but with a prolonged laceration so that there would be more tannins and color pigment to be extracted from the grape skins that will eventually remain in contact with the juice to create a shade of old gold or amber. Aside from the color, orange wines exude more flavor as well as extra aroma.

Orange Pairing

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Bring a uniquely beautiful colored liquid like orange wines to your afternoon picnics or late-night sessions. Take note, this isn’t a starter drink so expect for some hefty tannins with a flavorful profile. Just like red wines, these orange drinks are best complemented with a heavy, rich meal or fatty food. They fabulously suit up with spicy cuisines and if you want an extraordinary pairing, then match it up with fatty raw fish like sushi and sashimi.

Best Orange Starters

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In case you have tried orange wine before and it didn’t end up well with your taste buds, don’t give up just yet because orange wines have distinct features, and one orange wine does not define the others. Give it another try and take a sip with some of the best orange starters such as 2013 Iago’s Wine Chinuri, 2014 Pheasant’s Tears Mtsvane, 2014 Cullen “Amber” Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Foradori Fontanasanta Nosiola, 2013 Channing Daughters Ramato, 2014 Cos Pithos,  Bianco, and more.

Bottom Line

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Orange wines are downright unique with a more personal touch. Some may even have warning labels to give information that these drinks are refinely different. It’s true that not everybody loves them, but who cares? These special wines are always a distinct catch that would either be a hit or a miss but never mainstream.

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