What to Get Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner and it's time to get creative with what you get dad for his special day! Here’s a little list of Father's Day gift ideas that your dad is sure to love!  

Cocktail Shaker Set

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A cocktail shaker gift set with all the essentials will surely impress your dad. Now, he can step-up his mixing game with the help of this gift set packed with shaker, glass, muddler, strainer, jigger and bar spoon. Time to make some fancy cocktails in the kitchen! 

Brewing Machine

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Of course, dads will fall in love with this practical gift set! With this, they can brew their own beer to their liking. Making their own custom brew is a fun and creative gift that every dad is sure to love. So, if you want to give your father a gift that will keep on giving, this would do its magic.

A Bottle of Scotch or Whiskey

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Nothing beats a classic bottle of scotch or whiskey for your special, old man. If you want it more personalized, you can even engrave his name on the bottle. Celebrate Father’s Day with style and sophistication with this exquisite gift that is as rare as your beloved father!

Leather Bomber Jacket

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Dads will surely love you more if you help them improve their street style wardrobe, and a cosy leather bomber jacket will never disappoint. They can use this fashion piece while mowing the lawn, playing with the kids or just casually strolling around the street (in style!).

Hiking Shoes

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Time to replace your dad’s old, dirty hiking shoes! Make him the happiest with his new, comfortable and sturdy pair of hiking shoes that he can wear during his trekking or gardening. Plus factor would be if you choose the waterproof ones!


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For outdoorsy fathers, a hammock would certainly make them smile. Buy your dad a sturdy double hammock that can hold up his weight after a long day of working or running around with the kids.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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For music lover dads, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are the best gift EVER. Not only that, your father would thank you because they can now get away from their children’s non-stop shrieks or from their wife’s endless sermons for a couple of minutes! 

Vintage Watch

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This list would not be complete without a vintage watch to add to your father’s collection of trusted and significant pieces. This timeless gift never goes out of style, especially if your father has a flair on horology!

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