Wine and Ice Cream Pairings. Yes, Please

There really is nothing quite as delicious as an ice cream cone especially after a day spent soaking up those warm summer rays. The only thing that could possibly improve the enjoyment of that refreshing treat would be a glass of wine. Yes, you can pair wine with ice cream and when done right, it is one amazing treat. Keep in mind that whenever you pair wine with any dessert, the wine should always be a little sweeter. But don’t worry, we have you covered with some yummy wine and ice cream pairings to enjoy this summer.

Vanilla + Riesling- Vanilla ice cream is a bit of a blank slate and can really be paired with any semi sweet wine, however one of our faves is pairing with a nice glass of Riesling. The hints of lemon, lime, apricots and pineapple plus the overall sweetness of the wine makes this an excellent pair for vanilla ice cream. Prefer your vanilla ice cream with a little hot fudge? Try a glass of tawny port for a simply divine combo.

Chocolate + Pinot Noir- Here is one combo that you won’t be able to resist. A big bold red like a Pinot Noir pairs so well with something sweet and rich like a heavenly dish of chocolate ice cream. Perhaps your new go to summer treat! Enjoy

Coffee + Cabernet Sauvignon- Coffee ice cream goes amazingly well with a robust red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon. The rich dark fruit flavors especially the black cherry really help to bring out the flavors in coffee ice cream which creates a perfect pair. So yes now you can have coffee and wine at the same time!

Butter Pecan + Chardonnay- Pairing this rich and nutty ice cream with your favorite Chardonnay is a must try this summer. The buttery notes in this wine bring out the best in this classic ice cream flavor. 

Berry Sorbet + Rose- Prefer something a little lighter (and healthier) than traditional ice cream. A nice berry sorbet will pair very well with a dry rose. No question about it, this pairing is not only refreshing but absolutely divine.

Mint Chocolate Chip + Shiraz - The rich, red raspberry fruits and the hints of chocolate pairs perfectly with mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you were looking for an excuse to try an Australian Shiraz, here you go!

Salted Caramel + Sherry - Grab a bottle of a Spanish dessert wine ( we are not talking about any old sherry here) that is dark and complex with notes of espresso, carmel and raisin for this one of a kind pairing. The sweetness of this wine pairs perfectly with a dish of salted caramel ice cream

So now the hard question is which one to try first! Cheers pairing two of our favorite things together. Head to the boardwalk with your Portovino all packed and ready to go with wine and hit those ice cream stands.


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