Your Winter Cocktail Guide

"Drink responsibly- aka don't spill it!"

Winter Cocktail of the Week:

Fireball Hot Toddies

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to move on to the beautiful sights and smells of winter.  Enter this delicious, heart-warming cocktail from Delish!

Your Winter Cocktail Guide

When building up your bar for the winter season, it's important to have a good foundation to build from.  That's why we are here to provide you with a simple guide for the best winter drinks to turn into delectable winter cocktail creations this year!


1. Hot Chocolate

What brings up feelings of winter more than the sweet taste of hot chocolate?  We recommend whipping up a nice large pot of boiling hot chocolate and then giving it a twist. Check out these recipes depending on your preferences:
-Tequila, Cinnamon 
-Red wine
-Peppermint Schnapps, Candy canes


2. Hot Apple Cider

There's nothing like the taste of hot apple cider to warm you up to winter!  Adding a kick to your next batch of apple cider could bring your winter gatherings to a new level.
-Whiskey, Bitters
-Fireball, Cinnamon
-Bourbon, Maple Syrup


3. Egg Nog

Egg Nog is perhaps the greatest 'tis the season that we have each and every Christmas!  While Egg Nog is typically spiked already, we have a few special additions that could put your egg nog recipe over the edge this year.
-Amaretto, Vodka
-Rum, Kahlua, Bourbon
-Bailey's, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

4. Sangria

Enjoy your own twists on a classic.  There are so many options for making your Christmas sangria recipe great- why not try them all?
-White wine, Pumpkin Pie Vodka 
-Apple Cider, Cognac
-Moscato, Gran Marnier, Pomegranate



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