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 How to Use PortoVino Bag

General Questions

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We have a variety of PortoVino designs. Below are the styles, along with what they are made of. All the inside linings are made of a soft polyester.
Classic - 100% Vegan Leather
City Tote - 100% Polyester
Canvas Tote - 100% Cotton Canvas
Messenger - 100% Vegan Leather
Daypack - 100% polyester
There are a variety of styles from Canvas Tote bags to Vegan Leather messenger bags with varying price points. The PortoVinos start at $44.95. You can view the various price points online at
Yes! Here it is
Yes! The PortoVino straps are all designed to be comfortable while you carry your PortoVino full of wine and everyday essentials.
The PortoVino comes with an insulated pocket that keeps your drinks chilled for a few hours depending on exterior temperature. We do offer an ice pack which will keep your beverages super cold.
The Messenger bags are designed to easily carry over your shoulder. The other styles are designed to carry on your shoulder.
The PortoVino bags’ insulated pocket is generally sized to accommodate the PortoVino party pouch - which holds 1.5L of wine (2 bottles). Most boxed wine bladders hold 3L (4 bottles of wine) which will be too big to fit in the insulated pocket. Boxed wine bladders that are 1.5L or smaller will fit in the PortoVino. The one exception is the PortoVino DayPack which can hold a 3L boxed wine bladder, although it does include the standard 1.5L PortoVino party pouch.
As long as they don't open the secret pocket you'll be able to pass through undetected. Please use responsibly, however and please check open container laws prior to using in public spaces. :)
Nope! Liquid is not allowed to go through airport checkpoints, so if you fill the party pouch prior to going through security, it will surely be taken. We recommend, you go through with your unfilled PortoVino and you can fill it when you get to the other side.
We are definitely not attorneys, or police officers so please check the open container laws in the area. Always be safe when using your PortoVino!

How to use my Party Pouch?

The party pouch reservoirs are made of BPA free, FDA approved and are made from the same material used in boxed wines.The actual material isPE/VMPET/PE+PE. It is a very durable material that you can feel safe to fill your liquids with.
Yes! Every PortoVino comes with a Party Pouch to hold your favorite beverage.
The party pouch is the PortoVino reservoir, easy to use and fill, it is especially designed to hold 2 bottles of wine or 1.5L of your favorite beverage. It includes a pouring spout so you can easily pour on the go. It is made of bpa-free food grade material that is designed to preserve wine and minimize oxidation.
Yes. Although we do recommend changing out your party pouch, especially between different drinks to give your party a fresh start, the party pouch is definitely re-usable. Before re-using wash thoroughly. Simply remove the pouring spout, fill the reservoir with hot soapy water and be sure to swish the soapy water throughout the party pouch to make sure to get all the corners and to remove any dried liquid. Rinse with warm water until it runs clear. Allow the party pouch to dry thoroughly.
Simply remove the pouring spout by pulling it out. It does not twist in or out, it simply gets pulled or pushed in. Once you remove the spout, you can pour up to 1.5L of your beverage of choice in the party pouch. Simply push the pouring spout back into its place. You should hear 2 clicks to know it is securely in place and there will be no leakage. If you forcefully push the spout more than the 2 clicks, the pouring spout will permanently lock into place. Before first use, the pouring spout has a red perforated seal. Simply pull the seal off so the entire red seal is removed. The pouring spout also includes a small clear cap. This clear cap can be kept if you would like to keep it on the pouring spout when not in use, however it is not necessary. Once your party pouch is filled, you can place it in your secret insulated pocket in the PortoVino. Align the pouring spout with the hole in the insulated pocket. Zip up your insulated pocket. When you are ready to pour, simply open up the designer flap on the exterior of the purse, pull out the spout and place your thumb on the top of the spout and your index finger and middle finger on each of the side levers. Pull up with your index finger and middle finger and your drink will pour from the spout. Make sure you have a glass under the pouring spout to collect your drink.
Nope! The Party Pouch uses the same material as boxed wine bladders and does not add any taste to your wine. As a matter of fact, the material of the party pouch prevents the oxidation of your wine so it will stay fresher longer.
Yes! You can use carbonated beverages in your party pouch, but because carbonation will create pressure, you will need to begin pouring within 1 hour of putting carbonated beverages in your party pouch.
Nope! The Party Pouch filled fits perfectly into a side pocket leaving plenty of room for your other items.
Nope! It is very secure and with proper use, you should not have any issue with leaking. The spout has a 2 click system so as long as you hear the 2 clicks, the spout will be securely in place. After pouring and you allow it to completely pour in your glass, the spout does not leak. To take extra precautions, you can either use the clear plastic cap that is included with the party pouch or you can simply swivel the spout upside down when you are not pouring.

Shipping & Returns

Yes! All pricing is in US Dollar.
Shipping is free if you order a PortoVino Purse (minimum order $44.95).
Shipping outside of the USA depends on your location. PortoVino does supplement the shipping fees to make them more affordable. In order to get your precise shipping quote, at checkout, input your address and you will see your shipping options including lead times and pricing
Standard shipping is not guaranteed. We strive to offer the best shipping prices, as no one wants to pay for shipping. Although the transit times are generally very reliable, they are not guaranteed.
We offer FedEx if you would like a time definite transit time. The service is guaranteed so if you do not receive your order on time, you will not be charged for shipping.
There can be additional fees such as customs duties. This is dependent on the policies of your Government. Unfortunately, these duty rates vary by country and these fees would be assessed once your order has arrived at the local post office facility.
We work with a consolidator that offers the best pricing at the lowest shipping times. Our current partnership will generally get you your order within 21 days. Please keep in mind this i just an estimate as delays are possible with international shipping. If you need it faster, we offer very reliable expedited services with Federal Express.
We ship from Phoenix, Arizona USA
We want you to be happy, so if for any reason your PortoVino purchase isn’t working for you, simply email us at and we will arrange a return or exchange based on your needs.
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Cards, Discover, American Express and Paypal.