Fostering Friendship & Happiness through your PortoVino

Fashion with a Splash of Happiness & Togetherness

Friendship & Happiness with PortoVino

The PortoVino collection is certainly fashionable and stylish. This is always a big part of the goal when choosing a purse or bag.  The other part is the functionality. Can the purse fit everything you want, the way you want? For most women, if a purse meets these needs, it is a winner .  At PortoVino, not only do we focus on our purses being stylish and cute and functional in the traditional sense, but  we take it a step further.  At PortoVino we want your purse to make you feel great and make you happy while encouraging time with friends and family.


Seems like a lot to ask of a fashion accessory, right? Well we don’t think so!  When Marisa China & Gunnar Hammerbeck started this business it was their vision that PortoVino CARES be the cornerstone of everything we do at PortoVino.  Caring about our customers and the products we design are an integral part of that mission.  


When you truly CARE about your customers, you want your products to make them happy.  Let’s face it, we are social creatures and we are happiest when we are with friends and family, sharing moments together.  For more on that check out our blog on Friendship by our founder Marisa China.  We even have a  Happiness Guaranteed policy because if you aren’t happy, we are not doing what we set out to do!


With PortoVino’s ability to store and pour your favorite beverage on the go, your purse transforms into a secret weapon that delivers amazement and happiness for you and your friends and family.


Just think about it, you meet up with your friends. Sure you are all happy to be together, but when you pull out your PortoVino Silicone cups and start pouring their favorite Rose, you’ll all be that much happier. If you have not experienced it yet, the look of amazement on your friends face will be priceless.  They will not believe what your purse can do! 


The cool thing is, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you put in it.  It is so versatile, the options are limitless.  It could be white wine at your monthly book club meeting, a morning latte for an early meet up with friends, frosty margaritas for your day at the beach or even some cold water for the kids on their playdate.  


The PortoVino’s party pouch can hold 1.5 liters of any beverage hot or cold and is easy to use. Pour any beverage you want in before you leave.  You can even pour it in advance and store your pouch in the fridge.  You don’t have to worry about breaking glass or bulky bottles, it is all taken care of. All you have to do is flip open the designer flap, pull out the pouring spout,  pour and enjoy!


The fun doesn’t stop there, because the PortoVino can be used without the pouch too. Whether you have a day job or are just out and about, simply remove the party pouch and go about your day.  Your PortoVino is stylish on its own and can fit everything you need to put into it.  You will get compliments on your PortoVino and they don’t even know just how amazing it really is!

Since giving back is part of our commitment to PortoVino CARES, whenever you purchase a PortoVino, we feed a child for a day through an organization called Feed My Starving Children.  Tell me that doesn’t make you happy? To read more about Feed My Starving Children, click here.